Roof Maintenance

Single family homes to commercial properties, roofing repairs are not cheap and full roof replacements are just flat out expensive. To avoid paying for either, it is a good idea to schedule regular roof inspections and maintenance from professional roofers.

In Kyle Texas, JenPro Roofing and General Contracting offers comprehensive roof maintenance for both residential and commercial property owners.

We can make sure that your roof stays both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing year after year by cleaning debris, fixing small damages, and giving attention to every detail of your roofing system.

There's Safety in Quality

Here at JenPro Roofing, our Project Manager has 42 years of quality roofing experience. We have performed regular roof maintenance on buildings of all shapes and sizes, from single-family homes to commercial properties. We know how to properly maintain each and every aspect of a wide range of roofing types.

We understand that a properly maintained residential roof provides safety to you, your family, and your possessions and that that a properly maintained commercial roof can protect your employees, your products, and the money you invested into the building itself.

Make Your Own Maintenance Schedule

Once you've chosen JenPro Roofing, we'll help you to put together a regular schedule for roof maintenance.

The regularity of maintenance will be determined by the size of your building, the type of roof, and the specific area in which it is located.

Some roofing types need annual maintenance, some may need monthly. And if you live or own a commercial property in a heavily wooded area your roof will need more frequent cleaning than a building in a non-wooded area.

These are all factors that will play into your maintenance schedule, factors that other, less experienced roofers might not take into consideration.

Experience Trumps All Else

Even the most highly skilled roofers are sometimes met with challenges that they have never faced.

However, here at JenPro Roofing we have seen it all over the years of roofing. There are no challenges that cannot be met and conquered by our experienced team. In Kyle, Texas you won't find a more experienced, more dedicated roofing company.

Whether you simply need the roof repaired, or need a full replacement – we can get the job done right. Contact us at 512-573-0055 or schedule your appointment online today for your estimate on your residential roofing project.