A skylight can bring light, beauty, and healthful benefits to your home or commercial property. Imagine have an otherwise dark room flooded with natural light from above, illuminating activities and delivering the warm glow of the sun right into your home!

JenPro Roofing and General Contracting installs Skylights, from structure framing, installation, water proofing and proper shingle install, we do it all for you. There are a wide range of skylight models and sizes, for all types of roofs. Most importantly, JenPro Roofing's experienced professionals have the skills necessary for the proper installation of skylights in Kyle, TX and the greater Austin area homes.

Getting the installation right is critical for the proper operation and long-term enjoyment of a skylight.

Whether you need the roof repaired, new roof, skylights or other improvements - we can get the job done right. Contact us at 512-573-0055 or schedule your appointment online today for your estimate on your residential roofing or skylight project.

The Benefits of a Skylights:

The health benefits of natural light in your home are numerous. A prime example is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) caused by lack of exposure to sunlight, which can lead to lack of energy, eating disorders, and depression. Sunlight is also essential for the body to produce Vitamin D, which is necessary for strong, healthy bones.

Natural sunlight is the best source of illumination for your home or office.

No electrical light - even from today's advanced light bulbs.

Produces the brightness, sharpness, and healthful benefits of sunlight.

This makes a skylight installation in Kyle, TX an excellent investment in your home and your health.

Do Your Skylight Right!

Some people worry about having problems with a skylight. They worry about leaks, maintenance, or other issues that are compounded by a structure that is high overhead.

The answer is simple: Make sure you purchase a quality skylight product and have it properly installed. Choosing the right size, shape and style of skylight for your roof is a critical decision.

Skylights designed for flat roofs won't work as well on a pitched roof, and vice versa. The skylight experts at JenPro Roofing can help you make the best choice for your needs.

Even more important is the installation. If a skylight is not properly installed and sealed you may experience leaks of both water and air.

We go to great lengths when we install skylights in Kyle, TX and the greater Austin area to make sure the unit is properly fit, seated, and sealed for a long, trouble-free service life.


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