Terry Kendall

Jennifer and her team worked very hard to help me get my claim approved with the insurance company for a new roof. Once approved, Rowland and his team were out to replace my roof in no time! Two days later it was done! Everyone was extremely helpful, nice, professional and the work is great quality! I would highly recommend them to anyone needing roof work done!! Overall it was a really great experience! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

James Solorzano

We are Law Firm with a commercial building and Jenpro Roofing gave us great service. They not only fixed our leaks. Also they provided extra new pipes & flashings as a courtesy. His head worker, Roland, is very knowledgeable (with a lot of experience) and friendly. He provided me with a clear description of every procedure needed in order to fix the leaks in our roof. Also they send me before and after pictures as requested in a timely manner. The owner, Jennifer, was always there to help us with any type the paper work from the front desk or when we need it to make our payments. We are also very happy with our 7 year written Warranty. I recommend Jenpro Roofing if you need to repair your metal roof

Rebecca Harper

Professional company that helped tremendously with my insurance company. Very quick installation with great results! Love my new roof!

Markita Savage

Jen was very helpful dealing with the insurance company who originally didn't want to pay to replace the roof. They also repaired some water damage to the ceiling and painted the entire ceiling so that everything matched up nicely. Good job! Would recommend!

Joann Whittington

It has been over 2 years since our roof was replaced and we couldn't be happier. Everyone from Roland and his guys on the property to Jennifer in the office have been such a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Jeremiah Christianson

I found JenPro when looking for someone to replace the roof on our manufactured home in 2016. Surprisingly not many companies will. They did a great job in a very timely manner. Since then we had several ridge singles come off due to high winds in severe storms. As a courtesy, they came by today and quickly replaced them. THAT'S customer service! They are easy to reach, quick to respond, and do a quality job. I highly recommend this company.

Kasye Gurtner

I had a great experience with JenPro roofing. Did quality work for a fraction of the price that other companies wanted to charge me. Had my roof replaced about a year ago and kept having this leak occasionally with really bad storms. They kept coming out until the source was located and got it fixed up for me at no additional cost. It wasn't even the roof!?! Great company and I highly recommend them!!!

Piney Woods

Great company and a very fair price. My Realtor told me about JenPro and I'm sure glad she did. Jennifer and Roland are great to work with! Highly recommended!

Everett Wilkinson

I am glad to have found this company. They do quality work at a fair price. I had a tree fall on my house; they not only fixed the roof but brought in another company that they network with to take care of the tree. Very convenient, prompt and fair.

Jennifer Aguirre

They came out and showed up to give me a bid and actually taught me about how the roof should be, so I would understand what was going on. They were so polite and respectful! I will definately do usiness with them again. They had my roof completely replaced and did an awesome job picking up debris from the roof replacement. They worked till dark to try and get everything done they could in one day. The roof looks great!!!! I couldn't be happier!

Joann Whittington

What a company with integrity. They are so rare these days. Starting with Jennifer, she was driving in traffic, pulled over and took my info. Roland came a few days later as we scheduled. We had already called a few other companies for bids. They either wouldn't come this far or didn't call me back. After talking to Roland we didn't even bother getting another bid. His 45 years of experience is very evident. They got the shingles I wanted and started the next day. When that crew came I don't think Roland even needed to tell them what to do or where to start. They got to it. None of those young men stood around twiddling their thumbs or even touched their cell phones until they were done for the day. Everything was cleaned up and a magnet used to collect any nails. When they removed the shingles over our patio there was a small section damaged. They replaced that plywood so my husband didn't have to do it. The new roof is beautiful and will probably out live us. Roland is there to assist you. If you call or text him he gets back to you within minutes. In less than 2 days the roof was finished and it never looked like there was any type of construction on the property. Could we have gotten a cheaper price...maybe. But the professionalism of Jenpro was priceless. From Jennifer who took my call, from John who helped with financing to Roland and his amazing crew...what a nice flawless, friendly and professional experience. Would recommend them and use them again.


We had our fireplace removed in our living room. We hired Jennifer and her team at JenPro Roofing to do the job. They came out and completed pulled the fireplace out, removed the chimney and they closed off the hole in the roof and matched up the new shingles with the original ones. Can't even tell there ever was a chimney. As for the inside of the house, they converted the cavity where the fire place was into a closet that opens into the bathroom. We are very pleased with the work they did. And for the cost! Great pricing and unbelievable work! Thank you Jennifer and your team at JenPro Roofing!

Shelby Bower

We have a rotunda with a copper roof in our office that would leak every time it rained for several years. We had multiple companies come and try to fix the leak but every time it rained, water would still come in. JenPro came and fixed the problem in one day and we haven't had a leak since!!! I would highly recommend their services!

Isabelle Royal

Highly recommend them! They answered my service request quickly and came on time. This is important when you are a new home owner and get freaked out about stuff. Explained everything so I understood and put me at ease. Reasonably priced.

Raymond Forg

We have used them for a few projects over the years and can say that they have always done a great job. They explain their work in a way that is easy to understand. I would recommend using them for any and all projects.

Jessica Duarte

Exceptional roofers who specialize in finding troublesome areas. We have had several roofers try to repair areas of our flat roof that had consistent leaks over the past 18 yrs, and no one could find the location of the leaks. JenPro found the areas and repaired them. We have a dependable roof now with no more leaks!!! Thank you Jenpro for your excellent service and attention to detail.

Ryan Kagan

I had a great experience working with JenPro Roofing. After my initial call, JenPro sent a representative to measure the roof the next day. I received a proposal the following day with all the information needed to make a good decision. I compared the proposal with other companies and the roofing material and workmanship was competitive while the price was about 10 percent less than the other bids. The shingles were delivered the day before the crew arrived so there would be no delay, allowing the roof to be completed in one day. I was very happy with my decision and I highly recommend JenPro Roofing.

David Hanson

They install a beautiful roof !!!!! I am so pleased with mine as are our neighbors which also had them install a new roof on their home. They clean up very well and are extremely prompt. The roof unique compared to their competitors.


After dealing with my insurance and other roofing companies that didn't know what they were doing, I found Jenproroofing. After having a conversation with Jennifer she assured me they would find the problem and that Roland would come by and figure it out. Sure enough not only did he find the problem that my insurance and other roofers said was non existing he gave me various options with the pros and cons and gave me the best solution for my home. What can I say other than I was in disbelief that this type of professionalism and service still existed. Give them a chance like I did you'll be happy you did.

Justin Hodge

Highly recommended. JenPro promised and delivered the highest quality work on my roof, and I could not be happier. They were professional, honest, and reliable from start to finish. Roland and his crew deserve recognition for the level of service they provided.

Mendy Parker

Using JenPro Roofing was a great experience. I prefer to take care of most items online. I sent requests for quotes online to three different roofing companies in my area, and JenPro was the only one to reply. Two employees were available to come over to give me an estimate the next day. After taking a while to figure out my insurance and financing, I replied back to the email with my quote when I was ready to have the work done. Roland, who is very knowledgeable and provided the original quote, contacted me to schedule the roof repairs two days later. He sent a team of experienced workers and came over himself at the end of the project to explain to me all the work that had gone into it. I'm very happy with the work that was done that also comes with a 10 year workmanship warranty.

R Flor

Thanks to JenPro roofing for fixing roof leak and roof replacement. The did very good job,worked within my budget, and cleaned-up everything after they were done. They also offer excellent warranty on their work. Thanks!

Shawn Deshaies

Berto and Jen were amazing! Very responsive and professional, and great quality workmanship. Don't use anyone else for your roofing needs.

Susan M

I had a great experience with this company and would highly recommend them. My roof was damaged last April in the hail storm that impacted a large portion of the area. I live in a rural area over an hour away from JenPro roofing. However, Roland and Jennifer never hesitated to come to my area, nor did they move me to the bottom of the list like other companies tried to do because of the distance. The price for my new roof was the middle of the 3 quotes I received. But, the warranty and materials were far better than the other two quotes. Jennifer and Roland were always easy to get in contact with. Very good company!

Jerry Weathers

My experience with JenPro was top notch. The roof really adds appeal to my home. I highly recommend JenPro.

Joe Incognito

Roland and the team are prompt, fair and honest. Roland is a great communicator and keeps you informed throughout the process. He is always prompt in returning calls.. Very professional, Roland and the team know what they are doing. I had a leak that needed some extra attention and they came out several times and ensured that it was fixed. I would highly recommend JenPro!!!!

Johnathon Davenport

This company did great work, and were quite fast about getting started and getting it done.

Dylan Besteiro

Excellent Service, repairs were done on-time and reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend.

Maggie Stone

Jen Pro- the best! They came to our house and fixed our roof in between Hail Storms - and a-week later - they came back to check on us. Very gracious- polite - excellent job - number 1 on our list

Charles Jones

Great company! I would recommend them to anyone i know. Roland was very professional and completed the job in one day and made sure I was happy with the work before he left.

Diane Sanford

You get what you pay for....so VERY true with this outstanding vendor! This company delivers top notch service. From the moment they assume the co tract until completion. The entire team is professional! We highly recommend this company.

Sean Carney

I contacted JenPro Roofing and they were able to get to my roof quickly. At first their quote seemed high to me but that was because the other quotes from other companies included a clause where we were to sign over our recouped depreciation payment from the insurance company over to them. That was a nice chunk of change. JenPro did not have that requirement. They stated that the recoupment belonged to me. So, that was why their quote was higher. After the recoupment they were not higher. But, they emphasized quality above the others. And, they included a ridge vent that the others wanted to tack on additional fees for. So, I think JenPro is a good company. They also offer a longer warranty than the other companies because they believe their workmanship is so much higher than the others that they can do that. I suspect they are right.

Trent Steavenson

I had a complete roofing system installed by Roland and company. From the beginning of the bid process to job completion, all was profeasional and high quality. Roland still checks with me to this day.

Bryan Shiflet

Jenpro Roofing fixed my roof at a fair price, and came out to fix it again when the weather blew up a few more shingles at no charge. I appreciate that very much. Thank you!

Manny Lujan

After 3 years, we have not had any issues with the work performed by JenPro. Neighbors and people that visit us complement the work that was done to our roof. We trusted Roland's experience and workmanship and it has been noticed.

Buddy Atwell

I am Happy to recommend this company. Some years ago, I had them replaced the roof on my house. Months later, I had a leak around a chimney, and they fixed it at no charge. The original work was excellent, these are good people to deal with.


I have two rentals in Austin and surrounding area. I had an issue w one rental late one evening. I called a few places in area all said they would or could help but not until a later date. I called Jen pro spoke w owner, she had Roland call me back immediately. Since this property was rented and it was heavy rain a it was leaking in the house Roland said he would take care of it immediately. He did. I expected a huge bill especially for the late hour probably around 11pm. I live out of state and was at Jenpros mercy. Roland had called early following morning w a detailed explaination of bill and repair. Very reasonable at twice that price. I knew I needed a roof on another property and I called again for estimate. I recv'd reasonable est. +warranty w excellent workmanship! Thanks again Jenpro(!) Jennifer and Roland are the best. Good to know I can rest assured you are there for me. Yolanda

Terry Mcclellan

These folks came out same day, gave me a fair estimate, then completed the work the same day! They did an excellent job. I would recommend these folks for any roofing repairs or work.

Todd Liles

I had the guys at Jen-Pro replace my roof jack after having a tankless water heater installed. They were quick, pleasant, and charged me exactly what they said they would charge. We have had several rains since they did their work, and there has not been a leak. That's good roofing in my book. Overall, I think you would do well by using Jen-Pro Roofing.

Spencer Gibb

Had an amazing experience with JenPro! Roland, one of the owners (who has more roofing experience than anyone I've ever met, I think), came out personally to check the roof. I had a leak that was destroying my bathroom and had attempted to fix the job myself. After that didn't work, I found an Angie's List deal for a roof inspection and minor fixes, hoping to get to the root of the problem, while also hoping it would be a quick fix. Alas it was not, but Roland found the source of the leak in a place I would NEVER have thought to look (which is why you hire a professional...) and probably saved my kitchen ceiling in the process. Knowing that I had a very limited budget, he completely worked with me. Was very kind and courteous and explained everything very thoroughly and exactly what my options were. What I needed and what I didn't. They did the work immediately and were insanely fast. Price was great. Plus, JenPro stands by their work. I recently called to ask them to check on something that still might be an issue, and they are coming right out to take a look. Next time I need roof work, JenPro is where I'm going! Thanks!

Rich Romano

I had an leak in my roof for well over a year, starting with a new roof and siding I had put on my house (after hail damage). Both the roofing and siding folks came out multiple times, only to point the finger at one another. When I had enough of that I called Jenpro after seeing in Angie's List that they "fix leaks others can't". They found and fixed the problem, which turned out to be a siding/flashing issue. Highly recommended!

Ron Hansen

GREAT JOB!!! Roland and his crew did an awesome job on our roof and repainting the house. Looked great. Price was very well worth it.


Jen-pro Roofing were not just the most inexpensive out of all the Roofing co. but they were the best in customer service!! My home had just recently went through a wind storm and I had just put my house on the market, they not only started on it right away, they also gave me updates throughout to let me know the status :) It looked amazing after they were done. My house sold a few weeks later and they will be who I refer all my friends and family to so thanks again Jen-Pro Roofing!!!

Kathleen Faith

7 months ago I had wind damage to my roof and Jenpro came out and gave me the best quote I received and did the job quickly. While they were there they fixed a spot on the roof where the previous owners had ripped out a dish. There was no additional charge for the additional fix and the job was great. We recently had a roof inspection on our house because we are trying to sell it and they found a few more spots that needed to be fixed. He came out and even though they were not part of the original roof repair or covered by the warranty Roland fixed those spots at no charge. He did a great job and I would recommend him to anyone. He has a great price and goes the extra mile. I really appreciate the work that he did for us and helping us fix some additional problems at no charge.

Derek Marshall

We had some pretty heavy rain in Ruby Ranch back on October 13th and I discovered some leaking from our roof. I just happened to see Roland getting in his JenPro Roofing truck at the Kyle Home Depot Sunday morning and decided that was a sign because I did need a roof leak specialist. I got out and introduced myself and he said he could be over later that afternoon to take a look at my roof. He came out and looked at all the areas where I had noticed the leaking inside the attic and on the roof. He said a lot of the leaking was caused from the use of improper roofing material on the low pitch area of my roof. He also pointed out some areas where water was being trapped from improper design and installation of the roof. Roland was very knowledgeable and what he described made clear sense to me. Roland said he would have me the quote later that evening and received the quote via email later that evening and was pleasantly surprised at the price considering the amount of work that was going to be required. We scheduled the work for later that week and they completed the work in three days. The redesign and reconstruction of some of the areas on my roof required a real pro, I don't believe just any roofer could have done what Roland did. Roland and Jennifer were extremely professional and courteous as were the workers that came with Roland. From the initial contact with Roland in the Home Depot parking lot all the way through to the final payment with Jennifer, the entire process was very pleasant and professional. Two weeks after the job was completed on October 31 Halloween night we had one of the heaviest rains in the area receiving over 10 inches of rain in one night and I am very happy to say that I had zero leaks. Thanks to Roland and Jennifer at JenPro Roofing! Had I not gotten you to fix my roof I believe I would've had some very severe and costly damage in that 10" rainstorm. I am very satisfied customer and will contact JenPro anytime in the future when I need anything to with a roof!!

Albert D

I have had Jenpro Roofing fix my roof twice after two different storms. Both times they did a wonderfull job and I would recommend them to anyone. The second time they even fixed a few problems with my roof I didn't even know I had at no extra charge. What an ethical thing to do. I hope I don't need them again but since we have alot of high winds in my area I probably will and they will be the only roofing company I will call in the future. Thanks Jenfro Roofing.

Donna Schmidt

This is the second time I've used JenPro Roofing for roof repairs, and I was just as pleased as I was the first time I used them. I called in a panic one morning when I woke up to find shingles strewn around my driveway, lawn, and even out in the street from a storm the previous evening. Roland and his assistant came out that day to replace the missing shingles and did a great job. Just like the first time, Roland and Jennifer went that extra mile for me. I know I can count on them to be extremely prompt and very fair on their pricing. I found a great roofer, and I heartily recommend JenPro for all your roofing needs!

Sasha Johns

I really appreciate the work and honesty from Roland at Jenpro Roofing. I have had him out on a couple of occasions and when I need new roofing done I will call him again. Highly recommended!!

Trudi Spring Allison

I am so grateful to Roland. While out on an inspection after the Halloween flood here in Wimberley he discovered I had a damaged roof. It was not something just anyone had detected and thanks to him the insurance paid for a new roof. They were very timely. The team was so kind they even put my Christmas lights back up.

Daniel S.

Did a great replacing my roof and my gutters i would recommend to get your roof done by them.

Ruben D.

Awesome work performed in a timely and profesional manner. Great price and very flexible will recommend to family and friends. Thank You

Rebecca H

Professional company that helped tremendously with my insurance company. Very quick installation with great results! Love my new roof!

Valerie M.

Super fast, courteous, excellent work! Would definitely use them again.


I could not be happier with JenPro from start to finish. Professional, honest and hard working. Roland and his team kept every promise, started on time, worked until sundown, respected our property and gave us a beautiful new roof on schedule and on budget. Skilled labor may not be cheap but it's worth every penny to have peace of mind in the quality and craftsmanship they provide.